The stupid monkey and the bird | story of the monkey

The stupid monkey and the bird | story of the monkey

Once upon a time, there lived a group of monkeys in the forest. Those monkeys really want to go to the desert.

But these monkeys don’t know where the desert is and what it looks like. One day all these monkeys started travelling together to see what the desert was like.

After walking all day, in the afternoon, the monkeys came near a dry river. The river was dry for three miles.

This group of monkeys saw the dry river and thought that this was a desert. The monkeys walked here and there in the afternoon to see what the desert and its surrounding was like.

As it was summertime, the monkeys started getting very tired. After going some distance the monkeys saw a big tree and climbed the tree and looked around to see if they could get water to drink somewhere. At some distance they found water.

 story of the monkey

When the monkeys happily went down to drink water, the water disappeared as soon as they got closer. Disappointed, the monkeys returned to the tree.

Then a sparrow in the tree saw the monkeys suffering for water. So the sparrow came out of its nest and said to the monkeys, “Friends, do you want water? Follow me and I will take you to the place where there is water.”

Those monkeys also followed this bird. After going some distance the bird showed a pond to the monkeys. Those monkeys also went down to the pond and drank a lot of water.

The bird asked the monkeys, “Friends, is your thirst quenched?”.  A monkey said, “All this time we have been suffering for water, and you have helped us too late?”.

Saying that the monkey caught the bird and crushed its neck to death. The poor bird who thought of helping those monkeys died.

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