Think and Act | Good Moral Stories

Think and Act | Good Moral Stories

Once upon a time there was a puppy in the village. The puppy went to the back of the house every morning and ate the food available there. One day fortunately it got a big piece of bone.

Taking it, the puppy happily headed home. It had to cross a bridge to get home. While walking on the bridge the dog peeked out of the running water in the river. In which its image was visible there.

The puppy saw its image and thought, “There is another dog in the water and it has a big piece of bone in its mouth”. Somehow  it jumped into the water to buy that piece of bone.

good moral stories

Only after jumping into the water, the puppy realised that there was no other dog and no bone. The puppy, which was staggering in the water, somehow reached the shore after a long struggle.

The bone in the puppy’s mouth fell into the water. After reaching the shore the dog was very upset thinking of his action. It went back with the sadness of having to wander in search of food again.


Think before any act .

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