Tiger who knows how to write | short story in English

Tiger who knows how to write | short story in English

One of the tigers captured from the jungle, was locked in a circus cage. Unlike other caged animals, the tiger walked day and night.  No one knows why he wanders into the cage like that.

One day a snail crawling out of cage was watching it, as it sat on the tigers cage.  Seeing the tiger circling restlessly, he asked “why are you circling like this?.” The Tiger did not respond.

Immediately the snail asked if it was afraid to lie down in a cage. Tiger replied that “I am not walking” it told that “I am writing”. The snail did not understand it.


The snail asked “how?”. “There is nothing left in life after being trapped in a cage. We become zero.  Now I’m stuck, so my life is just zero.

This cage will be my life if I don’t remember it. The food they give me will my daily routine. Then I have to live as a cage tiger. That’s a shame. Don’t live like that.  That is a disgrace. So I will never forget the forest I remember.

The memory of liberation will only grow if I keep in mind the fact that I am now disabled and unidentified.

That’s why the tiger began to walk as if I was writing in a circle day and night.”

The snail said with a laugh when he heard that, “Fortunately no one catches snails and cages them”. Immediately the angry tiger said, “I caught just now and snuggled up. You have been stuck in the house since birth. Imprisonment is temporary.

Wandering around, carrying house on back is trivial. Snails like you are just cowards, my voice is not silenced even when I am trapped”. Listen, tiger is roaring like a rooster.

In the depths of that voice, the forest in the mind of the tiger and its memories arose.

Like this tiger we can definitely win one day if we keep our life goal in mind day by day.

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