Two trees | Tree story 

Two trees | Tree story 

A sparrow wandered hither and thither without a place to stay. After going for some distance the sparrow saw a river bank. Seeing two trees standing near the river, the sparrow went to the first tree and said, “Tree! May I nest in your branch?” asked the bird. The tree said “no”.

The sparrow sadly asked the second tree, “Tree may I rest in your branch.” And the second tree said, “Well, you can nestle in my branch and stay.” Days passed and the sparrow built a nest on the branch of the second tree and laid eggs and the chicks hatched.

The mother sparrow lived happily with her chicks. Then one day it started raining heavily.  The wind was blowing hard. Due to strong wind and heavy rain, the first tree uprooted and fell into the river.

Tree story

Seeing that first tree falling down, the sparrow went to the tree and said, “I asked you that Can I stay on your branch and you didn’t allow me to stay on your branch, have you seen your situation now? you are lying down in the river like this with this rain and wind” said the bird and laughed.

The tree said, “I know my situation very well. I did not allow you to stay on my branch, knowing that if it rains I will be uprooted. If I had told you to nest on my branch, today you and your chicks would have fallen into this river and died.” Hearing this, the sparrow apologised to the tree.

The tree said to the bird, “Now you can live happily with your chicks without any danger.”

Moral: Sometimes the help we don’t get can be for our own good.

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