Vegetable Friends |  Vegetable Story

Vegetable Friends |  Vegetable Story

In a town, there were four vegetable friends, tomato, lady’s finger, potato and brinjal living together. Tomato was very beautiful. Its cheeks were shining brightly.

The tomato was also very strong. One day, all three, lady’s finger, potato,and brinjal were talking proudly about the beauty of the tomato. Two rats were listening to this.

The rats talked among themselves, “We must somehow taste this tomato”.  So the two rats decided to kidnap the tomato while it was sleeping at night.

rats and vegetables short story

At night the tomato was sleeping well on the bed in its house. Then these two rats slowly entered the house and saw the tomato sleeping on the bed.

Immediately, the two rats decided to carry the tomato with the lying bed. Then slowly they tried to lift the bed. But the bed was very heavy.

However, the two rats struggled and carried the tomato  and went home. Then the tomato was chained by them and both the rats went out.

After a while Tomato woke up and was shocked to find himself chained.  Immediately the strong tomato used its strength to break the chain.

After that Tomato escaped from there and went to his friends and told them everything that happened. Friends Lady’s finger, Potato,Brinjal and Tomato four together searched for the two rats and caught them and gave them a good fight.

After that the two rats took a blow from them and ran away crying in pain to their place. Only then did the rats understood the unity of the four friends.

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