The Advice Of A Bull | Very Short Stories On Kindness With Moral

The Advice Of A Bull | Very Short Stories On Kindness With Moral

A farmer had one faithful bull. It helped him in every way. One day a mosquito came near it. The mosquito said to the bull, “You help that farmer a lot every day, you take that farmer from one place to another every day. What do you get in return, they only give you grass to eat”.

To that, the cow said, “Look here, my friend, it’s not a problem. I love helping people, they take such good care of me”. To that the mosquito said, “These people are using you only for their own needs and that’s why I did not help these people.

In return I will suck their blood, but even though you are a great figure, you are a slave to these men. But look how small I am, yet I am sucking their blood”.

The cow said, “Do you know why I help people? They give me food, give me a place to stay, they take good care of me if I am sick, and if I work, they pat me with affection. That’s why I am so loyal to them.”

The mosquito said, “But don’t you know that this is too much work for you? If you work day and night, they give you only love. But I am much better than you, I have never been a slave to them even though I am very small,” said the mosquito.

The cow said, “You must be so stupid, you should not be proud of all this.” Why don’t people like you because you are a disturbance to them, you don’t want to help them, they only know you as an insect.

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“I don’t care about that,” said the mosquito. The mosquito flew away without hearing what the cow said. As usual, one day the mosquito sat on the farmer and started sucking his blood. The farmer hit the mosquito with one blow and it died.

If you do bad things, bad things will happen.

Justice : We reap what we sow.

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