Wheel Bearing | Stories Of The Saints

Wheel Bearing | Stories Of The Saints

One day four disciples were traveling together through the forest. They saw an ashram in the distance. It was in that ashram Swami Bhairava Nanda was living. 

All four of them went to that ashram.  Swami Bhairava Nanda asked the four disciples, “Who are you and why have you come here?”. The disciples said, “Swami, we have heard about your miraculous power. We are very happy to see you”.

They said, “We desire to be your disciples. We need your help.” Hearing this, Swami Bhairava Nanda decided to help them. He entered the ashram and brought four shovels.

He gave the four shovels to the disciples and said, “There is a big pond near the village, and there is a big tree on the bank of that pond. Use these shovels to dig the red soil near the tree and let’s see if you are lucky.”

The four disciples took a shovel and started digging the red soil near the pond. Then a disciple was surprised to see the presence of copper in the dug-out place.  He said to the other disciples, “We have got a lot of copper. We can take this and share it. But another disciple said we have come here to look for gold. So if you want, take this and go”.

The first person who found the copper took it and returned happily. The other three started digging back. Then another disciple found silver. Oh God! he shouted in his happiness!  I am very lucky and I have got silver, he said to the other two people, we can take this silver and share it.

But the other two said they will dig till they find gold and said, if you want it, take the silver and leave. The second disciple took the silver and went away happily. The other two disciples took the shovel again and started digging.

Then the third disciple was surprised to see gold there. He told the other disciple that we can take this gold and leave here.  But he said, “No, we’ve got copper, silver, and gold here, so if we dig further, we’ll get diamonds.”

The disciple who found the gold took the gold and returned happily. The fourth disciple took the shovel and started digging again. While digging, a big hole appeared and he fell into the hole. The fourth disciple stood up and saw a man standing there. A wheel was spinning in his head. Seeing that, this disciple asked, “Who are you? Why is that wheel spinning around your head?” 

As soon as he heard that, the wheel came to this disciple’s head and started spinning.  Immediately the disciple was shocked. He said to the man, “why is this wheel spinning in my head please take this”. The man said, “I can’t do that, everyone who is greedy will end up here. I also started digging in the same place and first found copper, then silver and then gold.”


But out of greed, I started digging for the diamond. I fell into this pit. The wheel started spinning in my head. Now when some other greedy person comes and falls here, the wheel will leave you, saying, this man went up through the pit where the disciple had come.

 Justice: Greed is a great loss.

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