One must be perfect to advise others | short story examples

One must be perfect to advise others | short story examples

We all know Lord Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He made the world aware of the importance of prayer. He was a great spiritualist.

Sri Ramakrishna, worthy of such honours, was speaking among his friends one day. Everyone was listening intently to what he was saying.  Then a lady brought her five-year-old son and stood in front of him.

Lord Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa looked at the lady and asked, “What do you want?” he asked.  Immediately that lady told, “Guru, my son eats too many sweets. So advise him not to eat too many sweets.”

She also said that her son doesn’t listen to her words. She warned him too, but there was no use. Lord Sri Ramakrishna looked at the lady and said, “You bring your son to me after a week.”

The lady took her five-year-old son and went to her home after saying bye to Swami. A week passed and the lady again took her five-year-old son and went to see Sri Ramakrishna.

Sri Ramakrishna welcomed the lady warmly.  Then he looked at the five-year-old son and said to him, “don’t eat too many sweets. If you eat too much of it, it will harm your health. You will get pain in your stomach,” he advised.

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The woman had a doubt. Thinking that she could ask Swami about it, she looked at Lord Sri Ramakrishna and said, “Swami, when I brought my son to you on the first day, you could have advised my son that, if he eats too many sweets it will affect his health?. Why are you advising him after a week?” she asked.

Sri Ramakrishna smiled and said, “Mother! When you brought your son for the first time, I myself was a heavy eater of sweets. Therefore, I was not qualified to advise your son. Then when I asked you to come back after a week, I stopped eating sweets. That is why I gave advice to your son.” he said.

The mother went on praising Lord Sri Ramakrishna. The boy also stopped eating sweets in excess from that day.

Moral: Everything has merit. Before giving advice to others we must walk on the right path.  We should not act the wrong way and advise others to walk the right way. It is useless.

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