Fox And Crane | Bed Time Stories

Fox And Crane | Bed Time Stories

One day in the forest a fox came hunting his prey. The fox saw the eagles approaching and swallowed the prey in fear. The fox’s time was not right and a bone got stuck in its throat.

The fox could not spit it out and could not swallow it. So nothing could be eaten by the fox. The greedy fox was in a very bad situation. With no other way to escape from this predicament the fox went to ask for crane’s help.

The fox firmly believed that the beak of the crane could take the bone out.  The crane refused to help, thinking it might be the  fox’s ploy.

“I will not do you any harm,” the fox swore to crane. “Not only that, but if you save me from this predicament, I will give you a gift.”

The crane was more frightened to leave its head into the fox’s mouth. It helped, though, because of it’s compassion. The fox went his own way when the crane took the bone from his throat. Immediately the crane called the fox and asked, “Where is the gift you said you would give me?”

“The gift.. I’ve already given it, the biggest gift is that I left you alive when your head was in my mouth,” said the cunning fox, mocking the crane.

Justice: One cannot expect gratitude from the wicked.

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