Donkey Wrapped With Tiger Skin | bed time stories

Donkey Wrapped With Tiger Skin | bed time stories

So every day the laundry worker would wash all his clothes before dark and load them on the donkey and return home. Despite working so hard, the donkey gets very little food to eat.

So that the donkey became very thin.  The laundryman also noticed that the donkey was getting thinner. One day when he was returning home from work, the laundry worker saw a tiger lying dead on the way home.

Immediately a plan appeared in the mind of the laundry worker. He peeled the skin off the tiger’s body and brought it home. That night he put that tiger skin on the donkey and left it in the barley garden next to it.

The donkey was very hungry and ate everything in the field. The same pattern has been going on for a very long time. As the day went on the donkey ate well and started to plump with health.

The laundry worker was overjoyed to see his plan succeed. But one day a farmer in the garden saw a tiger coming into his garden and eating barley. When he saw it, he really thought that the donkey was a tiger and ran away in fear.

One day while the donkey was eating barley in the garden, he heard a female donkey braying in the distance. Upon hearing this, the male donkey began to respond. On hearing this the farmer ran and looked outside.

The farmer was furious when he learned that the donkey had been wrapped in tiger skin. The farmer immediately removed the tiger skin on the donkey. Then he took a rope and tied it around it’s neck and tied it in his field.

The donkey has been owned by the farmer ever since. The laundry worker lost his donkey due to his cross-mindedness and greed.


The one who is greedy and goes through the crossroads will end up losing.

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