Don’t cheat and don’t be fooled | Free Short Stories Online

Don’t cheat and don’t be fooled | Free Short Stories Online

Once upon a time there was a wolf in the forest. Being very old, he did not have the strength in his body to catch his prey. As days went by it became so weak that it did not have the strength to even move. It started to walk hungry on the path through the forest.

As the wolf laid down, he said to himself, “I will surely die if I do not seek food quickly.” At that time a fat goat came that way. The wolf said to the goat, “Please help me. I am very tired because my body is not strong. Will you give me some water to drink?” he asked.

The goat felt pity towards the wolf. The goat went near the wolf to help. As soon as the goat came near him, the wolf, gathering all his strength, pounced on it and tried to kill it.

Using its strength the goat managed to stop the wolf by kicking, pushing with its horns and escaped from it.

Then angrily, “Did you try to trick me and kill me? You are so weak that you could not even do it. Ah, you cunning wolf! Lie here and starve to death,” the goat shouted at the wolf and ran away.

A sheep came along the path while the wolf was laying  there. The wolf saw the sheep coming and said, “This sheep is certainly not as strong as the goat and thought that if he cunningly summoned it near him, he could surely kill it.”

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The sheep is not as strong as the goat. But, it’s very clever. The sheep was watching all the incidents that happened,the wolf trying to trick the goat. It was happy to see that the wolf could not kill the goat.

As the sheep approached, the wolf called.  “Please give me some water. I am very tired and weak. If you don’t help me I will surely die,” it pleaded.

Hearing this, the sheep looked at the wolf and said, “You cunning wolf! I was just watching what you were trying to do with the goat. I know that even if I came a little closer, you would pounce on me and kill me! It would be better for you to starve to death. So, I am definitely not going to help you.” said the wise sheep, leaving the wolf where it was.

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