Door and the Nail | motivation story

Door and the Nail | motivation story

There lived  a father and son in a town. Father Badrakiri was very good. The son’s name was Rajan and he lived by cheating everyone on the  town. 

His father gave him lot of advices but he wasn’t ready to hear on Badrakiri’s words. 

Rajan gave no response to Badrakiri’s words. 

So his father told that he is going to do nailing on the door for each mistakes. But Rajan didn’t mind his father. 

But every day Badrakiri started nailing in their house door for his each mistake of cheating others. 

Years passed,One day night Rajan came back to the house seeing thousands of nails at his home door. The scene began to cross his mind. 

He touched the door and nails on the door made him realise how selfish he has been and he felt guilty for his mistakes.

The next day Rajan apologied to his father Badrakiri for his mistakes. Badrakiri replied that “it’s good you realised your mistakes but to get rid of this, you must help someone each day and for each good deeds you do I will remove a nail from the door”. 

From the next day Rajan started to help others and his father removed a nail for his each help.But to Rajan the speed of doing good to others was not as speed as the bad he did. 

Each day after reaching home he used to check the door and would think of how to make those nails to zero. He wanted to good asa much as soon he could. 

Wood nail

Days went and his father too fallen bed sick. There was only one nail left, Rajan helped a family from flood water, and so father Badrakiri took back the last nail left too. 

Rajan asked his father “All the nails are taken back so I  have been changed to a good person now, right.?” 

Father replied him to touch the door and come back. He touched the door it was full of holes and the stigma  was left there, thus Father said that, “the nails were on the door because of your mistakes, the nails were taken back because of the goodness you did, but the stigma remains there. 

This is how the mistakes you did will be, making a mistake will be easy but the results of your mistakes will be unbearable, so living without doing a sin will be good, son “. 

It’s a Germanian story likewise, our mistakes can be declined if it is realized.

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