Double headed crane | moral story for kids

Double headed crane | moral story for kids 

In the dense forest there lived a double -headed crane. All the animals in the forest were amazed, how different this crane is?. The crane was so beautiful to look at.

Among the double headed crane one head was so arrogant and the other head was so adjustable with the arrogant one. The arrogant head was very selfish and doesn’t hear the words of the other head. 

One day this double headed crane flew far away. Both heads were so tired that  they needed water to drink. At that time they found a large pond. They went to drink water from the pond. 

The arrogant head furiously drank the water. The other head found a plant near the pond and there was a beautiful fruit in the plant. When he saw it, the crane thought to eat the fruit.

The two heads were alternately fighting for the fruit. Then the arrogant head said, “Okay, you eat that fruit.” When it went to the side of the plant, the arrogant head said, “This fruit is like a poisonous fruit, don’t eat it.”

Then another head said, “no, you are cheating me, I will eat the fruit.” And it plucked the fruit and started to eat it. 

That arrogant  head said, “No, our head is double but we have one stomach. If you eat that fruit, I will have to die along with you”. I won’t let you eat that fruit said the arrogant one. No matter how much he said the other one ate the fruit. 

Shortly after eating it both of them fainted, fell down and died.

 Justice: Always research and act before committing an act.

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