The end of pride is shame | Satire Short Stories

The end of pride is shame | Satire Short Stories

Once upon a time the wind blowing from the north was very pleasant. The winter season of that year was long and very cold, so the wind became very strong.‘I am able to freeze the whole world in extreme cold. I am the most powerful force on earth.  There is no one stronger than me,” said the wind, boasting too much.

After listening to it for a long time, Sun got tired of it. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds and called out the wind. “It is good that you are a natural force of strength and power, but you shouldn’t  boast like this. Each of us has a job to do,” said the Sun.

But the wind was too proud of its own strength. It said to Sun, “You are telling me this because you are not strong enough. I can achieve anything on this earth,” replied the wind very nonchalantly.

Hearing this, Sun became very angry

Satire Short Stories

“You think that you are very strong and that you can do anything on this earth. But you can only do a few things,” said the Sun.

Laughing at this, the wind challenged, “Tell me one thing I can’t do, and we’ll see.”

The sun looked down. A man was walking on the road on earth. It was very cold so he took off his coat and wrapped it tightly around himself.

A thought struck the sun, and he said to the wind, “Look at that man walking down the road. There he is pulling his coat and wrapping himself up because you have made him so cold. Use your strength; if he takes off his coat I will admit that you are very strong.”

The wind accepted the challenge as he thought it was a very simple task. The wind blew fast.  Throwing even more speed where the man was on the road. He did not take off his coat.

But the wind was blowing fast and strong and the man couldn’t bear the cold and held his coat even tighter. The wind could not win the challenge. The wind asked the sun to try.

The sun came out very bright, and the man, feeling suddenly hot, said to himself, “What fun! It was cold a little while ago; now it is hot.” The sun increased the heat even more.  He felt more heat spreading.

He took off his coat because of the unbearable heat; He covered his head. As the heat still increased, he took off his coat and jumped into the pool there.

Seeing all this, the wind was humiliated; and admitted his defeat. After that the wind blew away the pride; hee was doing his duty without fail.

Justice: Pride leads to shame.

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