Is it enough to work? | Best short stories to read

Is it enough to work? | Best short stories to read

A man wandered all day looking for work. In the evening he found a wood shop. He said, “Sir, I am a hardworking person”. He assured the boss that he would do well whatever job he was given. He got a job as a woodcutter and worked diligently on the first day.

In subsequent days he was not able to work as fast as on the first day and he was ridiculed by others. He felt very bad. After a week passed the owner asked, “what happened to you? on the first day you were keenly cutting woods fast and now why the speed is slow down”. 

woodcutter Best short stories to read

He replied, “I don’t know why I’m slow. He also said that he is working as diligently as on the first day”. The owner asked, “then show me the axe and let me see how you have sharpened it”. He said that he had not sharpened the axe yet.

He said that he was using the axe sharpened and given by the owner on the first day. “Are you still cutting with it?” asked the owner. He Said “yes”. This is the problem. If you cut wood without sharpening the axe, the axe will be blunt and you will not get the result of hard work.

Then he said that he was going to sharpen the axe and work hard as before.

If hard work is enough to succeed, intelligence is also necessary.

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