Every Creation Of Nature Has Meaning | Naturism Stories

 Every Creation Of Nature Has Meaning | Naturism Stories 

One day a traveler was walking with his bag. He was very tired. Not even a tree could be seen as far as the eye could see when looking for a place to rest.

That place is like a desert. But he needed rest as he was very tired. After walking a long distance he entered a beautiful garden.

There were a lot of trees, fruits and flowers. The trees there were full of orange fruit. After walking a little distance he found an orange fruit that had fallen down and he picked it up and started eating.

Next to that orange tree he saw a pumpkin vine. It had very large pumpkins. When he saw it, he thought, “This pumpkin vine is so small, but the pumpkin is so big.

pumpkin and orange-moralstory

The orange fruit is small but it grows on a big tree”. This nature is very contradictory. The creators of this landscape would have known absolutely nothing.

All the works that were around him in nature were wrong to him. After a while he fell asleep under a tree, and a snoring noise came.

Suddenly something came and fell on the passenger’s head. When he got up he saw an orange fruit lying on the side of his leg. He immediately realized that this orange fruit had fallen on his head.

Then he suddenly thought, “What if the pumpkin had fallen on his head instead of this orange?”. What he understood then was that the place where the pumpkin should be was on the ground so he realized that every creation had meaning.

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