Fox and Bear Bedtime Stories

Fox and Bear Bedtime Stories

A fox and a bear were friends in a town. This fox was always making money by cheating others. One day it said to the bear, “Friend, let’s do some farming and earn money.”  And the bear said, “Okay, friend, let’s do some farming.”

Then both of them chose a field together. They cleaned the field well and ploughed it. Before sowing, the fox said to the bear, “Friend, this time I will take what grows above the ground, you take everything that grows under the ground.” The bear also agreed to that.

Fox and Bear Bedtime Stories
Fox and Bear Bedtime Stories

This fox is very cunning. So after sowing the sorghum seed, the fox took all the sorghum that grew above the ground according to the agreement of the two. But the bear was left with only roots.

So next time the bear said to the fox, “Friend, last time you took all the harvested items above the ground, so this time I will take all that’s going to be harvested above the ground and you take all the items below the ground.”

The fox agreed with a cunning smile. This time the fox cunningly planted the groundnut. This time too the yield was good and the fox got a lot of groundnuts.

As the bear said, the bear took everything above the ground and the fox took everything under the ground. So the fox took all the groundnuts that were harvested,but the bear got only the leaves.

Now this bear understood the trick of the fox.  So it decided to stop befriending the fox and thought of doing something on its own.

Moral: Do not make friends with evil-minded people.

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