God Will Not Help Those Who Don’t Try | God Story

God Will Not Help Those Who Don’t Try | God Story

There was a beautiful village. Everywhere in the village, was of  ‘green grass’, crops were growing and feasting the eyes of the onlookers.  There lived a man named Raju.

He was a good man. However, he thinks that God will save him without trying for a solution in any problem.

His close relative’s marriage was to take place in the nearby village. Raju too was going in his bullock cart to attend the wedding.

While reaching the village, the cartwheels got buried in a big ditch. Cows also struggled to get their stuck feet from the mud.

God story

Raju was very scared. He did not know how to rescue the wheels of the cart and the cows stuck in the mud.

At least the cows were trying to take back their stuck feet from the mud. But Raju remained paused without making any effort.

Immediately he prayed, “O God… save me from this suffering”. Immediately a voice was heard from the sky. 

“Man, you did not make the slightest effort to save your oxen and cartwheels from the mud. There is no point in calling me simply. I will help those who make their own efforts first. First, pull out the wheels stuck in the mud with your shoulder strength.

Then make the cows get out from there. All these works are what you can do. First, try all these if you couldn’t do it, then call me for help. I will certainly not help those who do not try.”

Immediately, Raju supported the wheel with his shoulder and lifted the cart and drove the cows. Now the cart was out of the mud. Raju knew the merit of the effort.

God blessed him from heaven.

Moral: God will not help those who do not try. So, we have to do our best to succeed. God’s grace will be available to us automatically.

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