Golden Egg | Short Stories to Read Online

Golden Egg | Short Stories to Read Online

A farmer lived in a village with his wife and children. He suffered a lot as he did not get a good profit from agriculture. He did not know what to do for money.

It was then that he suddenly thought of buying a duck. He decided to raise the duck and sell its eggs to earn money.

He went to the neighbouring market and bought a duck. He used to feed the duck well every day. After a few days, the duck also grew big and started laying eggs.

The farmer and his wife were very surprised to see the egg laid by the duck on the first day. Because the duck laid a golden egg. The farmer and his wife started earning a lot of money by selling that golden egg.

Short Stories to Read Online

Days passed and every day the duck kept laying golden eggs. After a few days passed, the farmer and his wife had a bad idea.

If this goose lays one golden egg every day then surely there must be many golden eggs inside the stomach of this duck, if we scratch the tummy of this duck we will surely get many golden eggs.

They thought there was no need for us to wait every day and get eggs, so they caught the duck and scratched its stomach.

A shock awaited both of them. There was no golden egg inside the duck’s stomach. It was then that both of them realised how big a mistake they had made.

As the greedy couple scratched the duck’s stomach and the duck died immediately. After that, they had no duck and no golden eggs. Both were crying in frustration.

Justice: Greed is a great loss.

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