Golden Residue Bird Story in English

Golden Residue Bird Story in Englsh 

Long ago, at the foot of the mountain, a beautiful bird lived in a large tree. It’s a wonderful bird. The residue that comes out of its body falls on the ground and turn to gold.

One day a hunter was sitting under a tree where the bird lived. He was surprised to find golden residue lying on the ground there. He looked up at the tree and saw that the bird was there. He immediately realized that the residues of this bird turned to gold when it fell to the ground.

Without wasting time he caught the bird and stuffed it into the cage. When he returned home, he thought, “This bird with me can cause problem to me.”

It would be a big problem if the king knew that I had that expensive bird. So the next day the hunter brought the bird and presented it to the king.  He also told the king about the special nature of the bird.

The king gave him a lot of gifts in his hand for the good quality of him.  


The ministers who were watching this said to the king, “O king!  How do you believe what a stupid hunter says. Is there any bird with gold residue in our country so far?”

Immediately the king thought he had been deceived and opened the bird out of the cage. The bird that came out climbed on a door and sat down and resuided. When that residue fell to the ground, it turned to gold. The king and his ministers were astonished to see it. The bird flew away from there.

Then it thought, “I was stupid enough to be caught by a hunter. The hunter who handed me over to the king is a big fool, and the king and the ministers who opened me out of the cage are fools on top of that.”


Sometimes even the great wise becomes fools.

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