Greed is a great disaster | Short Suspense Stories

Greed is a great disaster | Short Suspense Stories

Once upon a time there lived a wolf in the forest. It was very old and the wolf could not run as fast as before. ‘I cannot hunt and catch my prey anymore like before, I must find an easy way to catch my prey,’ he said to himself.  But the wolf had no idea.

One day the wolf came out from his lair.  Walked up to the edge of the forest. Saw a herd of sheep grazing in the distance. It approached them very slowly without making a sound. It hid behind a large well nearby.

‘Surely a sheep can be caught from here,’ it thought. Waiting patiently; When they came near, it suddenly pounced and caught a sheep and killed it.

The wolf ate the flesh of the sheep. Only the skin of the sheep was left down. ‘A good idea has occurred to the wolf; I must not starve again,‘ he told himself.

The wolf entered into the sheep’s skin. It has now joined the flock. “Oh! Did you escape from that wolf? We thought you were dead,” said another sheep. They thought of the wolf in sheep’s skin as a sheep belonging to their flock. The wolf in sheep skin smiled to himself as he shook his head.

In the evening, the wolf went with them to the sheepfold. The wolf covered in sheepskin looked like a sheep. So it is not known that there is a wolf between the sheeps.

Days passed. The farmer noticed that every day a sheep went missing. He was surprised.  “How do sheeps disappear?”. He asked himself. He regretted thinking, ‘I used to take care of them very cautiously.’ But he doesn’t know why they were missing. In this way, every night when the farmer was sleeping, this wolf killed and ate every sheep and was well fatted.

One day the farmer came to the sheepfold .  He had received news that his relatives were coming from far away. He intended to make a feast for them. He looked around the sheepfold and caught his sight on the nice fat goat in the corner. He decided that he could make a good feast with it. When he took it to the slaughtering place, he found out that it was a wolf.

He was very surprised. Now he understood how every sheep disappeared day and night.  He wanted to give a suitable punishment for it.  The farmer killed that deadly wolf.

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