Jealousy Royal Poet | King Story

Jealousy Royal Poet | King Story

King Alexander came to his Palace. He supported scholars and poets. He honored them by giving numerous gifts to the poets who came looking for him. In the court of Alexander, a royal poet named William was newly appointed.

Poet William did not like other poets coming to the palace and buying gifts from the king. William decided to stop the King giving gifts to poets.

All the great poets of the country came to see the king with their poems in search of the king. Seeing them, William says that there are flaws in the poems and made them not receive gifts.

Thus all the poets who came to look for the king returned with disappointment. Their whole family languished in poverty, because they didn’t receive any rewards or help from the king. 

The other poet of the same Palace, Thomas, came to know about the act of the royal poet William. He decided that somehow the torturer should be removed from the royal poet and make way for other poets to live.

poet and king story

He was deep in thought for a long time about what to do to fulfill his intention. The next day, when the King came to the palace, Thomas came in the role of an ordinary poet. He bowed to the king and said, “Your Majesty!  Our profession is composing poems!  I have come from afar to ask your royal poet(William) a question. He correct answer to my question should be answered by your royal poet William. 

If he doesn’t answer, he would have to resign his post.” The king was furious when he heard this.

“Poet! You do not know about my royal poet! Surely he would answer your questions,” King said angrily.

On hearing this, Thomas in the role of ordinary poet said, “King, do not be angry. The intellectual power of your royal poet can now be seen by all people. Is he ready to resign if he does not answer my question correctly? Ask and tell”.

At the same time the royal poet got up from his seat and said, “You can ask your question. If I do not respond, I will surely resign immediately. In the same place I recommend you to the king and appoint you as royal poet. But if I answer, then you must be the slave of the king and all the others in this palace.”

He agreed and prepared to ask his question. “Royal poet! What in this world is so easily perishable? Which is destructible?” These are our questions.

The statesman once again asked himself the question. “Easily perishable? and destructible?” Unable to find an answer to the question he sank into confusion.

Even the king and the others could not find the answer to the question. Everyone was in chaos. Finally Thomas was to answer the question.

“O king! The arrogant reputation in this world will soon perish. The reputation of being humble will never perish. No one can destroy it.”

That said, this is the answer to my question. When the king and the others heard this, they were amazed. Poet William bowed his head.

Looking at Thomas, he said, “Poet! Since I lost the contest, I ask the king to appoint you as the royal poet.”

Immediately Thomas said, “I already have a responsibility to the king. So I do not want this post. This  position will hold by yourself. But it should not hit the other poets in their stomach.”

Everyone who heard it was amazed.  Immediately the king said, “Poet! Who are you? I remember hearing your voice before this.”

Immediately, Thomas dissolved his role. Everyone was amazed to see it. Thomas said “It’s me King!. The royal poet has been chasing other poets for so many days without finding prizes and blaming their poems. Scholars and poets in our country are living in poverty. I did it out of a desire to reward and honor them and to revive their lives.”

Immediately the king punished the royal poet, summoned scholars and poets and gave them gifts and money to alleviate the poverty of their family. The King praised Thomas for pointing out the mistake in his rule and gave him numerous gifts. 

Theme: Do not restrain the charity that one does to another.

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