Life is according to thought | 10 lines short stories with moral

Life is according to thought | 10 lines short stories with moral

There lived a woodcutter in a village. Every day he used to go to the forest from the village to cut firewood and sell it to the villagers.

One day he was chopping firewood as usual.  Then he got tired. He lay down in the shade of a tree there. The tree is a magical tree that gives whatever one wishes.

He did not know this, and the breeze blew. It was comfortable for him. He thought to himself how good it would be to have a cotton mattress at a time like this.

What a surprise!

The next moment a bed with a cotton mattress came near him. The woodcutter could not control his joy. Immediately he climbed into it and lay down. He had been working hard all day and his whole body ached. At this moment, he thought, “how much better it would be to have a young woman massaging his arms and legs.”

What a miracle!

10 lines short stories with moral

The next moment a young woman appeared there and massaged his hands and feet. The woodcutter did not understand anything, he was flooded with joy, he was surprised. “Even though we have so many pleasures, we are starving without food!”. Now he thought how good it would be to have delicious food.

The next moment the delicious food arrived on a golden plate. Many kinds of food came, and the woodcutter devoured them all.  According to the proverb, “Eating is the same as the throat”, the woodcutter fell asleep and lay down.

A sudden fear appeared in his mind. “I am alone in the forest? What if a lion comes in front of me and kills me?” he thought.

The next moment a lion appeared in front of him and killed him.

Moral: Our life depends on what we do. If we think high and good, our life will be good. If we bring wrong thoughts our life will be full of misery. So we should think higher.

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