Lifeguard Friend Story

 Lifeguard Friend Story

On the side of a large lake lived four friends, a crow, a turtle, a deer, and a rat. They met every morning under a tree. One evening the deer did not come to the place where they usually met. The other three waited a long time. “What would have happened to the deer?”, they thought.

The tortoise wondered, “Maybe he’s trapped in a hunter’s trap”. I’ll be right back,” said the crow. The crow flew far into the woods. Then he saw the deer trapped in a net.

The crow immediately went to the other friends and told them that the deer was trapped in the hunter’s net. After thinking for a while, the tortoise asked the rat, “Can you bite that net with your sharp teeth?”. The rat replied, “Of course I can. But how do I get there?”

“Hurry up and sit on my back,” said the crow. Immediately the rat climbed on the back of the crow and sat down. They went to save their deer friend.

After going to that place the rat bit the net with its sharp teeth. The deer escaped from the trap. The tortoise slowly came to the spot. All four friends were happy. Then the hunter came there.


All four friends were happy. The hunter was furious when he saw the deer escape from his trap. The crow saw the hunter coming and flew over the tree. The deer ran and hid in a bush.

The rat entered into a hole. The tortoise was slowly crawling. The hunter’s angry eyes fell on the tortoise. He grabbed the tortoise and put it in his bag.

The other three friends who were watching this planned to save the turtle somehow. Then the deer said he had an idea, “On the way of the hunter I will be standing like I am eating grass when the hunter puts his bag down and comes to catch me.

At that moment the rat should come and tear the bag with his sharp teeth to save the turtle. When the hunter comes to catch me, I will run fast.”

According to the plan, The deer came across and ate the grass as planned. The hunter put his bag down and went to catch the deer. The rat tore the bag with its teeth and saved the turtle. The deer escaped. The hunter got nothing for the day.  He returned to his home very sadly. The four friends were happy.

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