Little Black Chick | Touchy Short Stories

Little Black Chick | Touchy Short Stories

A mother hen and four chicks, they lived on a farm. The first of the four chick was black.

It was very responsible. That little black chick did the housework with good honesty with responsibility.

The second chick, who was very talkative on the farm, it used to talk to the other animals on the farm and play with them.

The third chick gave a lot of time to her beauty. When it did not work, it spent time fixing its wings and looking in the mirror.

The last chick will be asleep wherever it is. Every day that black chick is the only one that goes along with the mother and brings grains and seeds to eat. All of other chicks were very busy with their work.

Touchy Short Stories hen and chick

The little black chick and her mother sow the seeds in the fields and harvest them to buy bread ready.

When the mother hen and the little black chick come home with seeds and bread, the other three chicks come running and start eating everything.

This happened for several weeks. The little black chick said to mother that, “We are working hard, but the other three are very lazy and they eat the food that we bring. We have to do anything or else they will be the same when they grow up.”

The mother hen was very upset to see the quality of her chicks. 

“I have an idea”, said the black chick to her mother. Mom and the black chick came home from work every day and for three days they came back without food. So the lazy three chicks go hungry every day without food.

Touchy Short Stories chick

The second talkative chick always used to speak to the other animals in the farm. But now without food it couldn’t speak a word. The third chick was very hungry and could not enjoy the beauty of itself. The fourth chick is hungry and unable to sleep properly.

On the fourth day the three chicks were very much looking forward to the mother coming home with food. As soon as the mother came home, the three chickens ran to ask for food, to which the mother hen said, “I and your sister can not bring a lot of food every day alone.

Where two people can not do all the work alone. The work will be very easy if you all come together.  That is why you will all come with us from tomorrow”. Mother hen gave a small piece of bread to the children.

From that day on all the other chicks started to go out to work with their mom and sister. Putting aside their laziness to work and cook, the mother chicken was very happy to see such a change in her family.


Lazy crap should work without crap.

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