Magic Bell | Magic Story In English

Magic Bell | Magic Story In English

Once upon a time there was a village next to a river. Everyone in the village worked hard to earn their daily living.

In that village a boy named Ram lived with his family. He is a cowherd boy and he sings very well. Every morning he would take all the cows to the forest for grazing.

That forest was a big reed. While the cows were grazing, he would sit under the tree and sing while resting. He would sing until evening and collect the cows after grazing.

Every day his employer paid him a rupee for that job. He will take the coin and come home. His mother and brother stayed at home. He is the only person who earns for their living.

One day while the cows were being herded into the forest, a man was trying to cut down a banyan tree that was there. As soon as he saw it, Ram got very angry.

Ram came up with an idea for the guy not to cut down the tree. Ram said, “Don’t you know this tree’s history? Many years ago a Saint gave a blessing to this tree. If anyone cuts down this tree, the person who  cuts the tree will lose their life.”

The man who heard what Ram said just believed what he said and ran away in fear. After a while the tree came to life in reality and thanked Ram and gave him a magic bell as a gift. To which Ram said, “What is the use of keeping this as a normal bell”.

It simply came to notice then. It’s a magic bell and you can eat whatever you want with it. But it can only be used once a day,” said the tree. Ram picked up the magic bell and in the evening he returned the cows to the employer and returned home.

His mother and brother have been waiting for Ram, they were hungry for a long time. When Ram came home, his mother asked him, “Son, why are you so late?”. Ram told his mother everything that had happened and said, “Do not worry about the meal anymore, we can eat whatever we want.” He had a delicious meal with his family and they ate and drank well that night.

The next morning Ram left for work. But he kept the bell at home. When he came home in the evening, Ramu was very hungry. He thought he could have a delicious meal with that bell. But his mother and brother had eaten almost everything before Ram came and he got very little to eat.

Bell can be used only once a day. So Ram could not do anything. That meal was not enough for Ram. So he was very angry.

“This magic bell is mine. My mom and brother had a good meal and let me eat a little. That’s why I am going to keep this bell with me”, Ram thought very selfishly. The next morning Ram took the bell with him. His mother and brother could not find Bell throughout the house.

magic story in English

When Ram returned home in the evening, Ram’s brother said to Ram, “Brother, I am very hungry. I have been looking for the bell for a long time, but it is not available no matter how much I search.”

Ram immediately took the bell from his shirt pocket and showed it to his brother. Ram’s mother was very angry when she saw this. “Did you take this bell with you!, your brother has not eaten anything since morning.

You left us hungry for your selfishness!” she shouted. Ram immediately realized his mistake and apologized to his mother. “Mom, you didn’t give me enough food to eat yesterday. That’s why I thought selfishly. I will never do such a selfish thing again in my life.”

The justice with this story is that we should never think selfishly.

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