Magical Tree | Moral Short Story

Magical Tree | Moral Short Story

Once two brothers lived in a village.  They used to cut firewood and sell it in the market. The elder brother was very rude and he always behaved harshly towards the young brother. But the young brother listened to everything his elder brother said and obeyed him. 

One day the elder brother went to the forest to cut firewood. There was a magical tree. Unaware that it was a magical tree, he climbed on top of it and began to cut its branches. Then the tree shook its branches fast.

In which he fell from above.  Regardless of that he climbed back up the tree and started cutting those branches. Then the tree said to him, “Sir, please do not cut my branches, and I will give you a golden mango instead.”

Golden mangoes! He was surprised, and agreed. That tree also gave him some golden mangoes. He looked at it and said angrily, “I want more mangoes, otherwise I will cut off your branches and take the golden mangoes.” The tree said to him, “I have a lot of magical powers. If you talk to me like this, I will punish you.”

The tree angrily gathered all its roots and tied him to the tree. He couldn’t move from it. The sun began to set, and he begged the tree to leave, saying that all he had done to the tree was a mistake. 

To which the tree replied, “I begged you not to cut my branches either. Did you leave me?”. After a long time fearing that he had not seen his elder brother for so long, the younger one went into the forest in search of his elder brother.

The young brother was very surprised to see that the elder brother was tied to the tree by the roots. He tried very hard to free his brother from it, but he couldn’t. Then the elder brother said, “I made a big mistake and behaved very rudely to this tree, so this tree will not leave me. Not only that, I made you suffer a lot”. He apologized to his brother for all the mistakes he had made.

The young brother begged the tree to release his brother, apologizing for the mistake he had made. The tree also realised that his brother had made a mistake and agreed to release him, because he had changed his mind. The tree gave them the gold mangoes they needed.  After that the two brothers lived in affection and unity with each other.

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