Never Stop Learning | Short Story For Storytelling

Never Stop Learning | Short Story For Storytelling

The boy Raju was rushing somewhere during the school holidays. The other boys noticed Raju walking fast down the street and all his friends ran across Raju. 

“Raju, today is our school holiday! Aren’t you going to play with us? You are going somewhere else in a hurry!”. Asked his friends angrily.

Immediately Raju said, “Do not be angry, friends. We just have to be interested in the game. But we should not be interested in sports at any time as it can make our lives vulnerable.

So we have to cut down on playing a bit and give our knowledge a job.”

Raju’s speech was not understood by his friends. They looked at Raju  with confusion. Immediately Raju  said “Friends! It should not be said that we were born and raised in the average state of life.

We need to accomplish something in life. Only then,”there will be a meaning for our birth”

Raju’s speech again confused the friends and they looked at Raju and they said “Friend! We do not understand exactly what you are saying” will you make it clear that we can all understand.

On hearing this, Raju said, “Friends!  We must work on knowledge to succeed in life. If you want to give knowledge a job, you have to go and read good books.”

There are plenty of excellent justice books in the library in our town. If we read them, good qualities will grow in us.

Those virtues will form the foundation of our lofty ambitions. Also, if we read the biographies of world leaders, our self-confidence will grow.

The Scriptures make us realize that we too can do great things. The faces of Raju’s friends all became clear.

They eagerly looked at Raju  and said, “Friend!  As you said we also want to give work to knowledge.  Right now we are coming to the library with you.

We will read many books of justice and prove to the people of our town that we too can develop our virtues and create unparalleled achievements.”

Raju immediately called his friends and left for the library.

 Justice: Go and read hundreds of good ones. Do not live in vain.

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