Swan and Pigeon | Bad Friends Story

Swan and Pigeon | Bad Friends Story

A swan lived on the bank of a river and it was very beautiful to look at. It was such a beautiful bird that all the other birds looked at the swan and admired its beauty. The swan was friendly to everyone and helpful to others.

The swan had a pigeon friend. The swan always advises other birds that we should help others and be kind to everyone. One day a hunter came to hunt in the forest and he could not find any bird or animal to hunt.

He was pacing here and there in anger. The impact of the sun was also high and the hunter got tired due to the hot sun and sat under a tree to rest. The swan was sitting on the branch of the same tree where the hunter was resting.

The swan saw that the hunter was tired below and from the branch above the swan gave him a breeze with its wings. The hunter fell asleep due to the coldness of the wind. Then the pigeon came there and asked the swan, “My friend, you have such a big heart…this hunter hunts all the other birds. You are helping the one who harms us.”

Bad Friends Story
Bad Friends Story

And the swan said, “My friend, hunting is his profession, so we cannot blame him. Now he is very tired, so I am fanning him with my wings.”

The pigeon smiled and put the residue in the hunter’s face and flew away from there. The hunter opened his eyes as soon as the residue fell on his face. When he woke up, he saw a swan sitting on the branch above.

The hunter took his arrow and shot at the swan in anger thinking that the swan had put the residue on his face. That swan also fell down and died. Then the hunter picked up the swan and returned to his home. The swan lost its life because of its friend pigeon.

Moral : We face some problems because of our friends.

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