The honey also became bitter | Bear stories

The honey also became bitter | Bear stories

A bear was wandring in the forest in search of food. It had been days since the poor bear had a good meal. Its favourite roots, bunches of fruits, honey etc. made its tongue water. It was a dense forest. The bear wandered all over the forest, wondering when he would find food to satisfy his hunger.

His eyes suddenly saw something hanging from a tree branch at a distance. The bear went towards that tree and drew near;  He couldn’t control his surprise when he saw a honeycomb hanging from a branch. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Is that a honeycomb hanging from a branch?  Yes, the honeycomb. The bear couldn’t believe his luck. Jumped on joy. He looked closely to see if there were any bees inside the hive. There were no bees and it excitedly lifted its leg to take the delicious honey from the hive.

Bear stories

At that moment, the bear was startled to see a large swarm of bees coming towards him, humming loudly. They were the bees belonging to that hive. The bees were working hard all day to collect and put the honey in the hive. 

While approaching the nest, they saw the bear there. Seeing the bear coming to steal the precious honey they had collected, the bees surrounded the bear and began to stung it in anger.

The bear was very hurt by the bee’s sting. Unable to bear the pain, the bear became very angry. “The honey I don’t get, the bees also shouldn’t get it,” thought the bear. It jumped up and tried to seize the nest. As soon as it captured the honeycomb, it had the urge to destroy the nest by breaking it down.

But the wise bees knew what the bear was trying to do. They surrounded the bear and stung it with all their strength together. The bear was stunned when the bees attacked again. The bear abandoned the idea of ​​holding the hive. The bear decided to escape before they attacked more.

The bear ran very fast. But the bees followed the bear as they stung its body in many places.  The bees wanted to teach the bear a lesson so that he would not steal their honey again.

To collect that honey, the bees worked very hard. The bees didn’t want the bear to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.The bees were very angry with the bear. Decided to punish it.

The bear was frightened by the bees and did not know how to escape. The bear came near a fast flowing river in the middle of the forest.  The bear ran and jumped into the cold water. 

Cold water soothes irritation caused by bee stings. The bear completely submerged itself in the water for a long time. The bear waited under the water until the bees lost patience and returned to their nest.

The bear, saddened by the wound on his body, left the water and went to his place. Decided not to go to the side of the honey hive anymore. It is this bitter experience that comes to mind when the bear thinks of sweet honey

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