The crow and the swan | Short Story in English with Moral

The crow and the swan | Short Story in English with Moral

There lived a man named Peter near a beach. He was very rich and he had a crow. Every day he would feed the crow a lot. The crow ate the food he gave and became very fat.

The crow was very arrogant. It is always talking arrogantly to everyone. One day the crow saw some swans standing on the beach and went to the swans and said haughtily, “You are just beautiful to look at, but you cannot fly fast like me.”

Then a swan said, “Friend! We have only come here to rest for a while and we have no time to argue with you.” At once the crow said, “No, compete with me if you dare.”

A swan asked, “What do you dare us?”. And the crow said, “Let us both fly a few miles from this shore, and whoever goes first is the best.” Immediately the swan also agreed to the crow’s dare. This crow flew so fast forgetting about its body weight. The swan also flew as fast as possible.

Short Story in English with Moral

After going some distance the crow got very tired. So nothing can be done now. It knew very well that if we went down it would drown in the sea and die. The crow kept flying very tired not knowing what to do.

Seeing that, the swan said, “My friend, I am watching you. What happened to you? I think You are so tired.” To which the crow said, “I cannot go a little further, If I do so surely I will fall into this sea and die.”

Then the swan said, “Well, don’t worry, get on my back and I will take you to the shore.”  Immediately the crow climbed on the swan’s back and went safely to the shore. The crow went to the shore and apologised to the swan, “My friend, forgive me, I have spoken to you so arrogantly, I should not have spoken to you like that. If you hadn’t helped me, I would surely have died today.”

Justice: Pride never helps.

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