Thirsty crow | A Crow Story

Thirsty crow | A Crow Story

One of the crows lived in a forest. One day this crow traveled a long time. It was so thirsty.

So he stood in a place and searched for water. But nothing was available. That’s why it’s so weak. But he did not give up his hope and went in search of water throughout the forest.

The crow found a house while searching for water while flying. The crow sat on the roof of the house thinking that there was water in the house.

A Crow Story home

It saw a pot inside that house. Immediately the crow flew close to the pot and looked into the pot. But there was very little water in the pot. The crow was very happy to see the water.

But the crow could not drink the water because the water was so scarce. After a long time the crow had an idea. If I put some stones in this pot the water will definitely come up so it thought it could drink this water with the help of stones. 

It immediately started looking for stones for that idea. Found some stones nearby. He went to the side of the stones and took one stone at a time with his mouth and put it in the pot.

A Crow Story pot

But the water came up a little. However the crow could not touch that water. He was faithful and took every stone and began to fill the pot.

After putting in a lot of stones, the water came up. The crow was very happy. He drank till his stomach was full. He invited all his friends to drink water. A lot of birds came and drank the water and flew away, thanking the crow.

A Crow Story Theme:

This talented crow thought intelligently and achieved what he set out to do. In the same way you must act wisely.

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