True friendship short story

True friendship

The king of a country had a big elephant. It was very naughty. One day when the servants were feeding the elephant, the elephant kept crying without eating it.

The servants were saying to themselves, “What is the matter with this elephant? It’s not eating and keeping on weeping”. They decided to inform the king about the change in the elephant’s behaviour. 

They went to the king and said, “O king, the elephant is not eating and it didn’t bath also. It keeps on crying. We are guessing that it might not be well ”

Immediately the king ordered the minister to go and see what the problem was. The minister went with the elephant and asked, “Why are you so sad?”

The elephant kept crying without answering. The minister then asked the servants, “Has there been any change in the daily life of this elephant?”

 The servants replied that, “a few days ago one of the puppies became very friendly with this elephant.  Someone in this town looked at it and asked for the puppy and then we sold the puppy to him for money”. The minister went to the king and told him everything he had heard.

The minister told the king, “If the puppy comes back, this elephant will be normal.” Then the king ordered the servants to bring the puppy back. The servants went to the villagers and told them that the king had issued an order.

They said, “Whoever took the puppy must return the puppy to the king today, otherwise severe action will be taken.”

When the person who bought the puppy heard this, he took the puppy back and handed it over to the king.  The elephant was very happy to see the puppy and again the elephant and the puppy were friends.


Friendship cannot be bought or sold.

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