Two Parrots | Short Stories Short

Two Parrots | Short Stories Short

Once upon a time a parrot lived in a tree. It had two cute chicks that loked alike. One day when the mother parrot went in search of food for her chicks, a hunter came and climbed the tree and took the two chicks and put them in his bag.

Parrot moral story

But one chick has cleverly escaped. One of the sages who came that way saw the chick that had escaped from the hunter and took it to his ashram. Thus one of the two parrot chicks grew with a hunter and the other with a sage.

One day the king of that country came to the forest on his horse. There he had to cross the hunter’s house. As the king was riding his horse, suddenly the parrot in a cage at hunter’s house shouted, “Sir, someone is coming on a horse. Hurry up and shoot him!”. Seeing this, the king rode his horse without looking back and saw that there was an ashram on the way.

He stopped his horse to drink water from the ashram. When he went near the ashram there was also a parrot in the cage. When he saw it, he thought, “There is a rude parrot here too.”

But to his surprise the parrot began to sing, “Welcome King, we welcome you to our home with great joy.”

Although the figure of the parrot in the ashram resembles the parrot that was in that hunter’s house. The king thought that there was meekness and friendliness in the character of the parrot at the ashram.

“I am so glad to see a good-natured bird like you. I just saw a rude bird that looks like you” said the King. “Does the parrot hunter have..?” asked the parrot in the ashram. “Yes! But how do you know that?” asked the king. 

kind and parrot moral story

The parrot said, “King, he is my brother. We both lived in a nest. One day the hunter came and grabbed my brother. I somehow escaped. It is the bad nature that the hunter has given to my brother. But my master is very good and I have got his kindness,” said the parrot. The king was very surprised to hear that.


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