Virtue | Short Stories With Deep Meaning

Virtue | Short Stories With Deep Meaning

Once there lived a boy named Balu in a village. One day after returning from school he saw a lot of spinach in the nearby garden, so without knowing the owner of the garden he entered there and took some spinach home. 

He went home and said to his mom, “Mother, I have bought some spinach, prepare me a delicious lunch today with these Spinach” said Balu. His mother asked, “Where are these Spinach from?”. He replied that, “These are from the nearby garden”. 

She knew that Balu had taken these Spinach without the permission of the owner. His mother didn’t give him any advice but rather prepared him a delicious lunch. Balu was happy as he wasn’t punished for his mistakes.

farmer Short Stories With Deep Meaning

After a few days he entered the same garden and stole some Mango and brought it home saying “mother I have bought some mangoes, make me some pickles using these mangoes”. Without questioning him she prepared him pickles. 

The gardener came to Balu’s home and said to his mother, “Your son has stolen mangoes from my garden, ask him never to do this mistake again” he shouted. 

But his mother shouted at the Gardener saying that, “I know about my son, he will not do such kind of silly activities”. Balu was happy and he thought that his mother was supportive of him.

police Short Stories With Deep Meaning

After days long Balu grew up and his needs were big. So he started to steal big things and money from others. Once he was caught and the police were to take him to the police station. 

His mother, seeing the situation of her son, started to cry. At that time Balu said to her, “There is no use of crying now. You encouraged my mistakes during my childhood days, that’s why I am in this situation now“. 

If you have punished me on that day, “I might be a good person at present”. Now leave this place said Balu. The police took him to the station. 


Never encourage your child on their mistakes rather give them proper advice and teach them good.

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