Swan And A Turtle Story

a turtle story swan

Swan And A Turtle Story Next to a pond there was a turtle and two swans. They were good friends and used to tell stories to each other. Suddenly, there was a bad drought for …

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Greedy Man Story

Greedy Man Story gold

Greedy Man Story Once upon a time there were businessmen named Nick and Sam. They traveled together. On the way there Sam sees a bag lying underneath. He opened that bag and found that the …

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Merchant Daniel | Story Time

Merchant Daniel | Story Time A merchant named Daniel lived in a small town. He and his wife were loving and helpful. Everyone in town knew about the couple. Everyone was delighted with the couple’s …

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Thanksgiving Story For Moral

thanking story

Thanksgiving Story For Moral In a small village, a kind-hearted man lived with his wife. They had a baby boy. One day when the man was coming home from a nearby village after finishing his …

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