Speaking Cave | Fox Story


Speaking Cave | Fox Story A long time ago, the king of beasts, the lion, lived in a forest. The other animals there lived in fear of the lion.  One day a lion while wandering in …

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Clever Goat Story With Moral

Clever Goat Story With Moral  In one village there was a beautiful little goat named Lenny. It had two new horns. Lenny was so proud thinking of its horns. Lenny went to everyone and kept on …

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Golden Residue Bird Story in English


Golden Residue Bird Story in Englsh  Long ago, at the foot of the mountain, a beautiful bird lived in a large tree. It’s a wonderful bird. The residue that comes out of its body falls …

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Horse And The Donkey Moral story


Horse And The Donkey Moral story Once upon a time in a village, there was a man who owned a farm. He had a horse and a donkey. The horse always gets good food to …

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